Asian Bridal Makeup

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day.  We work with you to create the look you desire, creating a flawless look that will last the whole day helping you beautiful and radiant throughout.

Traditional Asian Bride

asian_brideTraditional Asian bridal makeup brings together traditional elements such as styling of the eyes by blending colors together and contouring of the face. There are two distinct styles, the traditional Indian bride and the traditional Pakistani bride.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Creating a great base is the essential part of any type of bridal make up. The Pakistani bride look is heavily contoured with the help of several brushes and makeup items. The base on a Pakistani bride is very intense hence, the contouring brings out the main features of the bride. The desired effect is achieved by blending the contour line on cheeks, nose, chin and neck line.

Indian Bridal Makeup

The Indian bride look is also, to a great extent, contoured and a lot of time is spent in this task.  Along with the makeup, other items such as jewellery, usually made of gold or diamonds, are also to complete the look. To prepare the overall look takes between 3 and 4 hours

Bridal Makeup Colours and Styles

The standard colour for the Asian bride is red, but mostly it is blended with bronze, red and gold colours. Eyes are heavily defined with the help of eyeliner and eye shadows and false eyelashes can be used to give a more dramatic effect. Some brides now opt for a more modern look in which they do wear a red dress but the makeup is more towards the gold shade with smokey corners. The look is completed by adding lip stick that matches the dress and the overall make over.

Registry Bride

registry_lookIf you are opting to have a traditional ceremony then you’ll no doubt also be having a separate legal ceremony at the Registry Office and this is where the “Registry Look” comes from.  A lot of brides focus on getting things right for the traditional ceremony yet overlook the legal ceremony.  Don’t forget that your day at the Registry Office and celebrations afterwards is as important as the traditional ceremony and the preparations should be the same.

The majority of brides go for a more traditional English bridal look, in which the main emphasis is on the dress and hair, for their Registry Office ceremony.   Most choose a hairstyle in which the hair is worn down, either curled or straightened and will choose makeup colours from on-trend palette of the season that complement their outfit.

This Registry Office ceremony gives the bride an opportunity to truly express her personality, sense of fashion and style whilst not compromising the traditional look and values.