Henna / Mehndi

henna_headlineHenna, in the context of marriage celebrations, comes with references to women marking themselves with henna in preparation to meet their husbands.

Henna imparts a different look to different people. The darkness of henna depends upon the body chemistry, temperature and part of the body. Henna body art is not an exact science and, due to many variations, everyone stains differently. Hands and feet, having drier skin, stains much darker than the softer skin on upper arm and back.

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Bridal Henna

Bridal henna is one of the oldest and most widespread traditions. There are two key styles that are favoured by brides:

Arabic Style

Arabic Henna designs are the latest trend as they are more floral and spaced out which also allows you to show more skin between the design.

Indian style

indian_hennaTraditional Indian designs are far more intricate and detailed covering most of the hand showing very limited amount of skin. These kind of designs are used generally by brides who are going for the full traditional look with the makeup, outfit and henna.

Modern Henna

modern_hennaHenna has been used across the globe with a modern twist. The recent way of using henna is also known as temporary henna tattoos, a stain that lasts up to a week or, if you don’t want to have the stain, then you can use glitter henna or gliding colour paste which can we washed off.

If you are not yet ready to go for a permanent tattoo, or want to try out different designs, you can experiment with henna tattoos.  These tattoos are temporary and fade over a few days and can be replaced with newer designs.

Henna powders are pure; free from any chemical and can be applied easily and it is these features which contribute to its growing popularity.

Henna Party / Sangeet Night

The time has finally arrived and the wedding songs are kicking off, family and friends are getting together to have a last evening of music and dance to enjoy with the bride or groom and celebrate the night before the big wedding day.

Adding a bit of sparkle to it will be your Henna Artist, sitting at the event she will decorate hands of all the lovely girls. Elders say it is a way of giving blessing for the married couple when the friends and family decorate their hands with henna on the Sangeet night.